When at target temperature MC doesn’t detect

  • There appears to be a bug in version {}.

    I like to perform an autoleveling process with a heated extruder and bed before my prints. Right now I do this manually using the G28, G29 and M500 commands. Before I perform all of these three I like to heat up the extruder (M104 P1 S200 – extruder) and the bed (M140 S60 - set bed). The problem I’m seeing is when I have my extruder heated to the target temperature and I run the “Print” command in MC, during the extruder heating process if the temperature is already at my target temperature (say 200C for this example) then MC doesn’t detect the target has already been reached. It will hold the bed heating process indefinitely.
    Work Around:
    I have to cool the extruder down below the target temperature and then let MC bring it back up to the target (MC heats to 200C) and then the print will begin.

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    That does seem to be a bit of a bug, do you mind dropping that into our GitHub here? Our development team will take a look and see if this is something they are able to replicate and then patch out. For sure that has to be annoying to work past and a little bit counter productive when it comes to preheating!

    Let us know if you do happen to find any more issues though!

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