PETG warping on very large prints

  • I'm trying to print a very large object in petg. My problem is after the 1st 15 or so hours it's trying to warp off the bed. (tape and glue stick) Why would the warping start so long into the print? The object was over 1 inch tall before the warping started at all. This is one of three parts I'm printing that get bolted together so If it doesn't detach itself from the bed I should be able to Bondo it together but I don't understand what's causing it. the bottom inch shouldn't be changing temp for it to warp. I would have expected layer separation more than the bottom warping.

  • MatterHackers

    Hey @LBivens

    The inter layer bonding for PETG is quite nice so it is not surprising that the part warped up after a while rather than cracking. If your part has some sharp corners or is really dense then it would make sense that the part would encounter warping after an extended period of time.

    I see that the mentioned Tape as one of your adhesion methods, possibly with glue on top of the tape. What kind of tape are we talking about, the blue variety? I might recommend trying with Glass and Glue but it is a toss up depending on what you are using already.

  • @michael-petitclerc I was using painters tape and glue but I gave up on it and switched back to sugar water. I found it was sticking well to the tape but the tape was bubbling after being on the bed for so long. I have gone back to sugar water the only big problem with it is sometimes you have to soak the print and the bed for a while to get it off. That and it draws ants in the summer :}

  • MatterHackers

    Well, mark that as a bed adhesion method I had not heard of before. I guess that falls under the comment of "Whatever floats your boat" for printing! If it works then I have nothing to say other than get some ant spray for the summer. 🙂

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