Tool change script/ Before tool change G-code / After tool change G-code

  • ... is it possible to ask for the active tool number and decide what to do when T0 or T1 is active.

    In S3D it is possible to say

    {if newtool=Tx} G0 x150

    {if newtool=Tx} G0 y0


    It would be very helpful to have "IF" and a variable containing the toolnumber

  • Currently this feature does not exist in MatterControl, but it is a good idea. I will make a note of your request for the development team as they look for new potential features.

  • Thank you Ryan,

    it would be very nice to have this feature.

    My new printer has a lever to switch nozzle height during tool change procedure.

    With this functionality I can write a script to switch the nozzle.


    Before Toolchange G-Code

    G1 X150 Y20 F15000

    G0 Y0

    {IF NEWTOOL=0} G1 X0 F5000 ; switch to nozzle 1

    {IF NEWTOOL=1} G1 X300 F5000 ; switch to nozzle 1

    ..Thank you

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