Mysterious Decoupling ?

  • Ok -- I am stumped and could use some help from the community.

    I am running a V3 with a newer HE280.

    I have a decoupling error arising from my nozzle.

    When I set a target temp (that is more that about 10 degrees above current temp) it faults to DEF, and I consistently get the decoupling message.

    However, If I walk my temp up slowly targeting about 10-15 degrees with every target increase -- my system does not DEF. can run a print after I walk up the temp this way; but I have a lot of failing prints mid way due to DEF errors.

    First things first, I believe my thermistors are a-ok. I purchased a brand new HE280 and plugged it in have had the same issue with the new one as I did with my old one. I am suspecting I MAY have a problem with my whip, and am planning to swap it out.

    When PID auto-tune ( running M303 P0 S235 X0 ) it does not DEF out.

    Any ideas?

  • MatterHackers

    Hey @hunt529

    Man, you are using some Lingo I am not familiar with. With that in mind I am going to check in with some of my guys here who may know what is going on and how best to figure this one out!


  • I Know its an Old post but may help someone my heater on hotend would say decoupled randomly. basically i changed my plug to it JST 2 Pin Connector 22AWG wires work best imo, but automotive spade connectors work too. just a poor or open in wire an it says decoupled. hope this helps

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