Best 3D Multi-Material printer option

  • Any suggestions on the best 3D printer that will be used for educational/industry purposes that would print multiple types of materials? The materials could include but not exclusive to all of the following, ABS, ASA, PLA, NylonX. Is the Ultimaker a strong consideration? If so, what model? Thank you.

  • MatterHackers

    Hey @mwidaman

    It sounds a lot like you need a PulseXE. I am just a bit biased here as this is the MH forums and I am with MH but to be honest, the XE is built for NylonX and can run all the materials you requested.

    The Pulse XE was built with NylonX in mind and we are quite proud of its accomplishments, especially with the recent Make Magazine review it got. I would seriously consider the bundle we have on our site here

  • @michael-petitclerc Thank you very much as I will research the item suggested.

  • I have personally used This 3D Multi-Material printer and frankly says this is the best #D printer that I have ever used, but I thing always remember that it will be protected strong Antivirus with the help of Norton Support, they told you the proper way of using this.

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