Multiple items as individual passes

  • I might have missed this in the docs, but how can I print two separate pieces that are sufficiently spaced apart and would not have a clearance issues, individually and serially, i.e., first item completes before returning z axis to 0 and continuing on.

    I imagine I can do this by suitably hacking Goode, but is there functionality to do this directly in the app? (I’m referring to the current 2.x build)

    Thanks for this great tool!

    If this is only available in an experimental build, I’d still be interested!

  • MatterHackers

    Hey @dcbarry

    At the moment this is not something we have in Mattercontrol as we would need to add in a logic component so that the gantry would not ram the completed model.

    We might be able to work on it in the future but I would submit the request to our GitHub so the dev team can see the user's requests.


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