Fan Constantly shuts off and by it self.

  • The fan toggle shows that the fan is on , but it turns off at random. No issues with wiring, I have to toggle the fan off and back on to make it work, but then it will shut down at random. Software Error? My settings are set to what MatterHackers told me to change it too to make it work but it still does it. Only Mattercontrol 2.0 it started to do it. What needs to be done to fix?!(0_1544496846390_ScreenShot_20181210195341.png image url)

  • MatterHackers

    Hey @Mikej480

    I would say lets get a G-Code file from you and see what it is doing. From what I understand, the settings you are showing should be working but if you are having to mess with the fan then there may be something up.

  • I just received my printer back from matterhackers and they replaced it for me.... I got a new board as well on my pulse printer.... still having constant issues.... fan stops with only 2.0....frustrating matterhackers…. need to get this fixed...

  • MatterHackers

    I would recommend changing 'turn on if below' and 'run max if below' to 500 in case the printer is thinking it is doing the right thing for the print.

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