Gaps in the top of the Print

  • Hello,

    Three days ago I switched from Cura to MatterControl to use the "pause at height" option. I've loved the results from slicing my models in MC but I started getting gaps in the tops of my prints.

    I have the "Fill Thin Gaps" and "Expand Thin Walls" options on but recent batches have gaps. The first batch of three models I printed didn't have this problem but a different one I somewhat fixed. I tried to match my Cura settings in MC since I didn't have this problem in Cura but some settings are named differently or some settings aren't there.

    Below are pictures of my settings and the gaps I have in prints.

    2_1544422328210_Capture 15.PNG 1_1544422328209_Capture 14.PNG 0_1544422328208_Capture 13.PNG


    Thanks in advanced,

  • MatterHackers

    Hey @ScienceHerWay

    I would say that we do not need to necessarily increase the fill rate or the extrusion multiplier at all on these models but increase the perimeters. So what we are seeing is that there are some gaps where the shell comes to an angle too sharp and fine for a nozzle to place material. I am going to take a guess and say that these models are quite small, maybe under 2-3 inches in length?

    If you were to increase perimeters it could help but for the most part you may want to switch up to a smaller diameter nozzle so you can get into those small gaps a little easier.

    Let me know if you have anything more on this one!

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