Save to SD Card is this possible ?

  • Just downloaded Matter Control to use with my Anycubic Chiron and want to load my design onto an SD card . How does one do this, as all i see is a direct connect to the computer ( desktop iMac) which i don't have as my printer is 100 yards away in my workshop? Thanks guys

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    Hey @sfxphil

    That is a great question, to which I should hold the answer!

    So the first thing is to go in and slice the model and from there go to the Square icon in the top left and select the "Export" function as pictured here:

    alt text

    Than used the "Machine File (G-Code)" and be sure you have not selected the "Spiral vase mode". If you did run any bed leveling from the software you can enable the "Apply leveling to G-Code during export"

    alt text

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