gcode coordinates outside of build area

  • I have a Monoprice Mini V1 that I have put several mods on. Right now it has a RAMPS 1.4 controller running Klipper, and I have a Z height increase so my build volume is now 120x120x160mm. These are the numbers used to define the printer to MC, and to Klipper as well.
    Using MC 2.0, I loaded a model that took quite a bit of this space, but all fit within the 120x120 build plate with a little room to spare. I sliced it and exported the gcode file to Octoprint, and from Octoprint I started it printing. Very shortly after it started printing, I got an error from Klipper that said "... Reported error: Move out of range: 29.612 120.700 0.300 [60521.022]". Sure enough, this gcode command is in the file. "G1 X29.612 Y120.7 E10.23892"

    This shows that when MC sliced the model, there is a Y coordinate of 120.700 which is outside the build area. This coordinate is the rearmost location of the skirt that MC added. I am assuming this is a bug since it seems to me like MC should not have allowed a coordinate outside the build area.

    I'm still finding my way through the weeds when it comes to MC, so is there a place to report this, and a procedure?

  • MatterHackers

    Hey @xeddog

    Yeah at the moment that looks like a bug, I replicated it with the Pulse profile by making a box of 250x220mm and running it through a slice. The slicer set the Brim outside the build area so this would indicate the problem is in MC as a whole right now. Normally this will not be too much of an issue as not too many people run out that far but it is something we will notify the Dev team of and see if they can put it in the queue to work on. If you do continue to find bugs you can always report them on the Github, this is where we submit all our bug reports and feature requests.

    (That or tracking down a dev and comment on how cool it would be to get 3d space controller support in mattercontrol) Not to be too specific ;D

  • Thanks, I'll see about going over to github and reporting this. It was, as you say, not a big deal since I realized later that I had sliced the model using a brim AND a skirt that was 5mm away from the print. I just removed the skirt and it is printing it's butt off as I type.

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