Layer view shows (or doesn't show) a lot of layers after slicing

  • I have only used MC for a short while, and have had some very good results. Much better than Cura, IdeaMaker, and Slic3rPE. But now, I have placed an object on the bed, set all of the slicing parameters, and then sliced. In layer view, at least half of the object is missing. I have checked the model and it is manifold, and I have sliced it with the other slicers mentioned earlier with no issues. I have also tried slicing a few other models and unless the model if VERY simple, it doesn't look like it slices well. Any ideas???

    I am now using MC 2.0 on a Windows 10 Home computer, but I have had this same issue with 1.75 on both this Windows machine, and my Linux machine.

  • Well as usual I spend a day or two trying to fix a problem and not finding any answers on the Internet. Then I post my question and in an hour or two I find an answer. I'm not sure why this happened with the 1.75 release, but for this one, I had to uninstall MC, then find the Matter Control directories in Program Files (x86), and the one I missed before was in /users//AppData/local. After that, re-installed MC 2.0 and all is good again.

    Now if MC could just provide ways to perform other processing, like change filament at a certain height for example, soooooooper.

  • MatterHackers

    Hey @xeddog

    It sounds like the previous install had a conflict but you got it fixed. For future reference if you can post a few screen shots of the issue I might be able to catch it and send it over to the Dev team.

    We do have a Pause at height function but it will not auto unload the material, only wait for you to come back and operate the machine. Here is the function's alt text.

    Under the "Print" option in the top bar there is an Advanced menu and from there you can type in layers to stop at, each layer needs to be separated by a comma.

    Let us know if you run into anything else!

  • @michael-petitclerc
    Thank you for that. I don't suppose you can pause at height, and then run M600.

    (I'm trying to get MC running on my Ubuntu 18.04 Linux machine right now, and the Windows machine isn't available for a while. SWMBO has it.)

  • MatterHackers

    I suppose you could so long as the firmware allows for the command to be run. While you have the print paused you will be able to use the Load and Unload commands built into Mattercontrol, you may have to set them for your printer if they are not in the profile already.

  • I think you are referring to the Settings>General>Single Print field. Right? So lets see if I get this right.

    1. In Settings>General>Single Print is a field to enter the layer numbers for change. Say for example I had two places I wanted to change filament, I could just put "20; 40" where is says layers to pause.
    2. Then in Settings>Printer>Custom G-Code for the Pause G-Code, I could put "M600" command.

    Then I just now read: "Does not work when printing from SD card; the printer must be controlling the printer via active serial connection to function properly. " which I take it means "MatterControl must be controlling the printer via active serial connection..." which makes this whole discussion moot since I control my printers via RPi3 and Octoprint. Dang it!

  • MatterHackers


    I was actually referring to the printer pausing from the layer pause command, from there while it is paused using the Unload and Load commands in the nozzle controls as shown:alt text

    On to your other dilemma, yes we are only able to run these commands from a direct serial connection. Sorry about that one, I promise it is not because we are evil overlords.

  • @michael-petitclerc said in Layer view shows (or doesn't show) a lot of layers after slicing:

    I promise it is not because we are evil overlords.

    MMMM HMMMMMM. 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿

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