Cannot connect to Wanhao i3 plus

  • Hey, I'm a first-time user of Mattercontrol, and pretty new to 3d printing in general. I'm trying to connect my Wanhao i3 plus, but Mattercontrol isn't able to track down the correct COM port. When I check the device manager, the printer is present as RAMPS (COM3), but the device status is "This device cannot start. (Code 10)". COM3 isn't available as an option in the setup wizard. Additionally, in the setup wizard, Mattercontrol only gives me the choice of the Duplicator i3 and the 4S. I think I remember reading that the i3 plus has a new controller board. Is this a driver thing?

  • After a frustrated break and some more research, I've had some initial success. I uninstalled the drivers supplied by Mattercontrol and installed the drivers available at This resolved the COM port problem, and I can talk to Mattercontrol. Once everything's preheated and printing, I'll know if this solved the problem.

  • Thanks for your report. I will have the development team look into possible issues with the i3 and the drivers MatterControl installs.

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