mattercontrol update glitch

  • so I just got the update for mattercontrol and I printed 1 thing and now it doesn't want to slice or print anything when I click "print" or "slice" it does nothing. anyone else have this issue?

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    Hey there @Noah-Kilcoyne

    That does seem like an oddity but for far we have not necessarily had this issue come up. You should be able to load up another file and select it to slice and from there run a print. Normally the software will want to continue from the "Model View" section but if you do not mind letting me know what printer you have and if your process looks something like what I am showing in this GIF.

    This would help me out a lot in figuring out the problem. Thanks!

  • I am very new to this forum, and what brought me here was a problem with slicing after upgrading. What I finally did to resolve it was to completely remove MC, including the MatterControl directories in c:\Program Files (x86), and also in C:\Users<your userid>\AppData\local. Then re-installed the latest version and it works fine now.

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    @xeddog We have noticed this as an issue in the tech department, but it is not one that comes up as often so it is difficult to track and resolve except in a case by case basis. Any information we can gather helps us improve our process.

    Hopefully @Noah-Kilcoyne is all up and running at this point but if not please let me know!

  • "Unfortunately", all is good now. 😂 The delete/re-install cleared up all of the operational problems I was having and now I am just wading through trying to find out how everything works. The unfortunate part is that I did not do any diagnosis at all so there is no information I can pass along. The only major issue I have now is NO LINUX VERSION 2. But I know it is being worked on.

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    If the reinstall cleaned up the problem it would not cause us too much concern but it is something to keep in mind. The issues that linger after that and the such are ones that run to the top of the listings I would assume.

    I would check in next week some time on the Mattercontrol product page or Github, we might have something for you.

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