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  • Hi everyone!
    This is my very first post. What I am doing wrong: Why is my HyperCubeEvolution printing immediately after pressing the print button even though the nozzle and the bed have both not reached their target temperature? In my MC slicing settings I adjust the values, but the print starts directly without waiting. I have a few other printers working with S3D, Cura etc. But in none of these slicers this happens. Only MatterControl lets the printer start without waiting the temperature.

    And where is the QUEUE view gone im MC 2.0?

    And finally some suggestions for MatterControl 2.0:

    • possibility to andjust SUPPORT and INFILL concerning the layers like "print every second layer..."

    Can you please give me a hint?

    Best regards
    Kemal (Ankara, Turkey)

  • MatterHackers

    Hey @camillo69

    Thanks so much for joining out community I hope you have a good stay!

    So to begin, it sounds like you are missing a command in the Start G-Code, I would check to be sure you have the line M109 after M104, this will cause the printer to wait until the hotend temp is reached to begin the print.

    For the moment the Queue is no longer in MAttercontrol 2.0, we still have a directory for it but I have been advised it is non functional.

    As to your advice on the features of Mattercontrol, could you please clarify the request. Are you asking to print a material every other layer or make different layer thicknesses for infill and support?


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