MatterControl small issues after MarlinRCBugfix

  • Hi to you all ! Lately I've been trying to update my firmware for a geeetech prusa i3 to the latest MarlinRCBugfix. So far it seems to work but I'm having unexpected issues now with MatterControl 1.6.1 (LINUX):
    The most important one is with the temperatures readings from MatterControl : at the first run, I can't get any, and MatterControl just display Extruder and Bed at 0°. I can finally get temperatures after disconnecting and reconnecting (from Mattercontrol UI, not the printer) a few times, but then I'm going into the same kind of problems trying to preheat.
    The next issue comes with G28 and G29 commands : I've put them in my starting G-Code but it seems these are not doing anything. Using CuteCom (CuteCom is a graphical serial terminal), I can successfully get the printer homing all axes then begin the auto bed levelling, so I'm confused about what's going on with Mattercontrol.
    Any idea about what I'm doing wrong please ? Thank you for your help !

    PS : I forgot to mention I can see these lines in the print_log.txt from the MatterControl Gcode Terminal :

    Error:Line Number is not Last Line Number+1, Last Line: 1
    Don't know if it is related

  • Could you post the complete print log? Sounds like it could be related to this issue. MatterControl will not ask the printer for temperatures or send any commands until proper communication has been established. It seems like something is preventing them from talking to each other correctly.

  • That looks exactly like it. Exact same problem with same workaround. As for now, I've switched back to Mattercontrol 1.6.0, and all the issues are gone, G28 & G29 ok, no weird code line and temp readings fine, so I will post the complete print log once I upgrade MatterControl once again, if it's helpful.

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