Simplify3D...Is it worth it for a noob?

  • Hello! I'm a beginner and contemplating whether or not I should purchase Simplify3D. I'm currently using Makerbots free software. I'm printing on a Qidi dual extruder. Thanks!!

  • No. There are lots of free options out there that are very capable. We obviously recommend MatterControl. Simplify3D is very powerful, but unless you specifically know that you need its features then there is no reason to buy it.

  • I have Sinplfy3d, but to be honest, I no longer use it, I use Matter touch exclusively, it is a very good system, and of course Matter Control is extremely cheap💘 it.

    And for me Matterhackers fix the bugs in the software much much more quickly.😉

  • You can get a 2 week trial. I did and am using it now, but only because I've put the time in and it works fine for my needs. There are many issues with it however (ridiculous UI - the fact that they haven't hired a UI person to clean up the mess says something about what's going on there IMO) and I see no reason to think it's somehow superior to other options. Whatever you learn best will be best for you in my opinion. Now, there is the very cool feature of adding supports manually. That can be useful, but I find that for the best results I design such that extra-breakaway supports are built along with my object(s).


  • would depend on what you plan to do for printing parts you learn how to model parts with gradual slopes so don't need to worry about support material.

    if your more the using organics and models then simplify is quite good at helping generate very good support structures id say its the softwares strong point see youtube vid

    if not just about any will do hope that helps you or anyone else wandering the same.

  • Well, for me there is only Mattercontrol. The bed levelling wizard is absolutely amazing, saving you a lot of time, since it makes sure your prints are level, even though the bed is not.

    Tried Simplify3d a little, and switched back to Matter Control right away!

  • MatterHackers

    Tough to say that paying is worth while when MatterControl and others are free. Technology advancements in simplify are extremely limited. I personally do not think it is a worthwhile invesment for an advanced user, certainly not a 'noob.'

  • I am also a beginner and I bought Simplify3D after it became clear that MatterControl can't slice large files even on my iMac with 8 gig of ram. S3D has a really nice interface and gives me lots more control in a far easier interface. If you aren't trying to print things that MC can't handle, there may be no reason to change.

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