ABS prints lift off, while PLA sticks too well, using Buildtak surface.

  • My ABS prints fall off after about 10 layers, I do notice that the ends are curled up. First layer looks perfect.

    I print the same object with PLA and it sticks too well. Using heated bed for both filaments. Bed temp set to about 65 for ABS and 60 for PLA (as per the filament specifications). If the print is completed, I cannot take it off unless I heat up the bed to 60.

    I do have a Buildtak surface added to the bed.

    Any Ideas?


  • 65 is way too low for ABS. We recommend printing ABS at at least 90 C. Go all the way up to 110 C if your printer is capable of it.

  • I get pretty good ABS sticking results with 80 C bed temperature and Elmer's glue stick primed glass surface.

  • I had a problem with the part sticking too well to the BuildTak surface when using a 110C bed temperature. The BuildTak developed bubbles over time to the point that I couldn't use it. I pulled it off the glass and switch to WolfBite. This stuff is awesome. Prints stay put when building but release automatically when they cool.

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