Suddenly X tower will home inconsistent

  • Been away from the printer for a couple of weeks and upgraded to mattercontrol 1.6.1. My abs prints were not sticking to the heated bed(no problem before) so I calibrated. One thing I noticed was that the X tower on a home command will raise to the stop switch do its initialize, and park a few millimeters from the end stops(like the other towers) however, sometimes, more often then not, it will lower itself about another 10mm lower than the others. if i home towers again (either from Mattercontrol or printer panel same results) sometimes it wont even raise to the endstop but lower the carriage even farther down the tower. It will continue down after each home for 2-3 times, then home to the correct position.

    I have not done any real troubleshooting just yet, hoping for a easy fix. Thanks in advance!

  • Sounds to me like an endstop issue. You can test the endstops with the M119 command. Each one should read L when not being pushed and H when being pushed. If this isn't the case, then something is probably wrong with your wiring.

  • i did check the endstops with that command (sorry should have mentioned it). On the wiring, most likely the ones in the x tower itself? Everything was working fine at one point and this isn't a new build.

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