Problems with MatterControl and CTC Bizer

  • Okay, I did some reverse engineering and what I found out was:

    1. The print bed center of the CTC has the coordinates X0 and Y0. This must be set in in the settings.

    2. In the Start GCode, when homing the axis (G28), they didn't get calibrated. This must be done using G92 X152 Y75 Z0 A0 B0. If this isn't done, the printer doesn't know where it is, that was the reason why prints were off-centered.

    3. When using the Sleep function, the printer goes to X-115 Y-75 Z150. If (default by Mattercontrol), the coordinates X0 and Y0 are the front left of the print bed, it tries to go below these values, resulting in hammering.

    My Start GCode now looks like this:

    G28 ; home all axes
    G92 X152 Y75 Z0 A0 B0
    G0 Z5 F5000 ;set warming position
    M1200 MatterControl; Build Start Notification for Makerbot

    When using Makerware, there is an A and B axis for the two extruders. I will try to find out how this effects Dual Printing.

    Would be cool if you could add this as a new printer profile!

  • That's some really good research. I put together a profile for the Bizer. Can you try it out and let me know how it goes?

    The G92 command is actually not necessary. MatterControl tells the printer where the homing position is using an M206 command in the On Connect G-Code. I changed this to use the values you gave.

  • Thanks! Your profile seems to work, at least via USB. I just entered the correct bed dimensions.

    However, I usually print via SD Card, then the Connection GCode is not included in the file. As well, the M206 does not seem to work correctly when exported to .x3g. In the RepRap Wiki this command is marked with "???" whether it works with Makerbot. I will check this at the weekend.

    Makerware enters the build percentage in the GCode using M73. Is there a way to add this here as well?

  • Ok. I have added the the CTC Bizer profile to MatterControl. It is available now if you go to add a new printer.

    We were able to replicate the SD card issue here. Will have to investigate it more.

  • The M206 command is not actually sent to the printer, but is intercepted by MatterControl's S3G processor which remembers the information and takes the appropriate action when communicating with the printer using the S3G protocol. This is why you can't really say Makerbot does or does not support that command.

    We were able to replicate the SD card issue when printing doing a print entirely with the second extruder, but not with the first extruder. Was this the case for you as well?

  • Thanks for adding the profile!

    I tried this one. When using only the right extruder, the prints are off-centered about 5mm in negative x-direction. When using only the left extruder, they are completely off-centered, as you can see in the pictures. (both printed via SD Card)

    right extruder:

    left extruder:

    Sorry for the messy printer 😉

  • Hi!

    I'm also working on the CTC Bizer and trying to figure out how to customize gcode that is generated by MC in order to better support the heated bed. In particular, I'm printing from the SD card and the gcode that is generated to heat up the bed seems to not be supported by the printer.

    Is there a way to edit or influence which gcode instructions are generated for a specific printer profile?

    I can provide full details on start/end gcodes differences, if needed.


  • Custom G-Code is found in the Printer category of SETTINGS:

    Instructions for generating a profile can be found here:

  • Thank you for the links! I improved the start/end gcodes generated by MC to match more those that Makerbot desktop generates for SD card printing and I'm doing some tests... what is still missing is that MC has a variable that holds the value of the current layer number (i.e. [layer_num]) but not the actual percentage over the total number of layers printed (e.g. like 95% or something similar). Makerbot Desktop has an M73 message that is used to display that... any clue if I can extract this from MatterControl OR if I can find a way to add this output in the source code myself? Thanks!

  • At the moment MatterControl does not work this way. I created a feature request for this, so it will be up to the dev team as to whether or not they want to proceed with making this happen:

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