Max V2 1st print failure

  • I have just finsihed building my v2. I followed all steps in the manual. When attempting to print it appears as though the printer is trying to print off of the bed. When I looked at the eeprom from mattercontrol XYZ home pos are all set to 0(Shouldnt these be set to the center of the heated build platform?). Also Delta Radius ABC are set to 0 ( shouldnt they be a division of the radius?). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Following this guide:

    If you followed all the steps in the manual correctly then you shouldn't have to do any tweaking of EEProm settings. Essentially if the printer is printing too high then either:

    1) the horizontal radius is incorrect and you'll have to re-calibrate using the tower macros (pg. 29),
    2) the Z height is incorrect and needs to be set again (pg. 27), or
    3) something is physically wrong with the printer.

    Those cover the most common problems resulting in printing too high. If you can eliminate those and get back to us we'll go from there.

  • I followed the guide to the letter. When I used the software print leveling in mattercontrol it suggested raising the value in eeprom of XYZ, respectivley, max length. All three are set to 382mm. This has allowed me to get prints started. However now the ezstruder isnt feeding filament, IM researching how to adjust the hobbed gear, it goes through the calibration process but stops feeding filament during test prints after the first couple of layers...

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