MatterHacker's Collection of 3D printed upgrade parts (Azteeg X5, FSRs, E3Dv6, etc)

  • Hi guys, I just wanted to share all the parts we've designed for various upgrades to the Kossel. I know there are a lot of similar things floating around out there, but it doesn't hurt to have more options.

    Azteeg X5 Mini (v1 and v2/v3) Horizontal Board Mount

    This is a holder for your Smoothie board, but unlike the stock Brainwave mount it is horizontal instead of vertical. This gives much easier access to the wires. Separate versions for the X5 v1 and v2/v3.

    Fan Mount (60 mm)

    This holds a 60 mm fan for cooling the Azteeg board. This is important. The Azteeg likes to get hot.

    FSR Bed Clamps and Board Mount

    These mounts are for upgrading the Kossel Pro to use Force Sensing Resistors (FSRs) for automatic leveling, instead of the stock probe with a mechanical switch.

    See this forum post for a discussion of the advantages of this system.

    Included are replacement bed clamps with spaces for the FSR pads and a mount for attaching the FSR board to the frame. The FSR kits are available from Ultibots.

    More to come...

  • I generally only print in PLA but know that won't be good enough for the FSR parts. I don't have particularly good ventilation, so I've never bothered with ABS. Do you recommend any other high-temp filaments that would work for these things but not smell like a burning clutch while printing?

  • Not really. The only material besides ABS with a glass transition temperature above 100 C is Polycarbonate. You might be able to get away with PET. The bed is significantly cooler around the edges, and the bed holders are seperated from the heater by silicone pads.

  • DyzeXtruder GT Mount

    This lets you mount a DyzeXtruder GT in place of the EZStruder. The DyzeXtruder is nice because it has a locking release lever, so you don't have to hold the lever while you insert or remove filament. It also has dual pinch wheels (like the Bondtech) and is fully constrained for printing flexibles. Print two of these. One goes on top, one goes on bottom.

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