OpenBeam forums unreachable

  • Hi all,

    Reaching out here because I'm not sure where else to post -- the forums supporting OpenBeam products, specifically the Kossel Pro, have been down for over a week. This probably isn't an issue for most folks, since it's not a terribly common printer, but it was my main resource for knowledge on fixing and enhancing the KP. I've tried to contact Terence via email, but I've heard nothing back.

    Does anyone know what's going on with the OpenBeam forums? My guess is they were probably hacked, and the OpenBeam folks had to take the forums offline to fix stuff, but without any official communication to that end, a guess is all it is.

  • We'll send a note over to the OpenBeam guys and see if we can figure out whats going on. In the mean time, your welcome to continue discussion of the Kossel Pro here.

    Update: They are currently in the process of moving to a new domain registrar. They're working on getting the forums back up.

  • Thanks for finding out. It would been nice of them to give us a heads-up.

  • yes, thanks, this morning my end effector went all the way up to 300 degrees, seems, the thermistor is stuck in 109 degrees, looks like I have a short circuit either on the board or brain pro, the rest of the sensors are working ok. I could not find any documentation related to the circuit board connection, hopefully some one has a reference and yeah the forum is still off line.

  • Thanks for digging in! I guess I'll just sit tight until the the OpenBeam folks get things sorted out.

  • So..Has anyone found out what's with the OpenBeam OBKP forums...anyone...?

  • I doubt we'll hear from the OpenBeam folks. They have gone completely silent. Do we have any other forums for the OBKP? I'd like to keep up on the hardware development of the community.

  • Hey Protoserge - Happy New Year!! I really miss you man, and the rest of the guys. Isn't this strange? Not only have Terence and Mike have gone dark, but even though the OBKP forums are still out there, everyone out there seems to have stopped responding. WTF? Why would everybody else clam up?

  • Everyone has gone dark on the forum because the system has locked everyone out from replying to posts. I am not sure what has happened, honestly. When the site came back up, no one could post. I know it went down after the counterfeit money spam was posted and the site went out for days/weeks.

    The Openbeam team hasn't delivered all of its pre-built printers either, which is a sham. At this point, they should just refund the original Kickstarter backers who have not received their printers or send them a brand new kit from MatterHackers.

  • Yep, I'm in the same boat in trying to build the printer based on the existing documentation. It's pretty sparse. I've got a few resources, between ZT Automations and here. I hope that we get some more communication than we have currently.

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