Genisys XS 3D printer Upgrade Recommendations

  • I have an old Genisys XS 3D printer that I have stripped the old electronics except for the stepper motors, heated platen, 33VDC powersupply and possibly the end stops. This is very sturdy industrial grade printer that is 200 pounds of steel and aluminum. I had this this unit working before I stripped it, so I know the above components work.

    My stepper motors are:

    1 of VEXTA PK296-02aa Specs: 2 Phase motor, 2.1 Amps per phase and 4.2 vdc, 1.8 degree/step

    2 -of VEXTA PK268-03A Specs: 2 Phase motor, 2.1 Amps per phase and 4.2 vdc, 1.8 degree/step

    Question 1: I am trying to decide between the Panucatt Azteeg x3 pro board or the Ultimaker Rambo 1.3 board

    Can anyone give me any pros and cons with these boards or suggest another?

    These are my goals to keep in mind:

    1. I want to be able to run 2 extruders, or possibly run a small mill head in place of the 2nd extruder

    2. I want to run different materials.

    Question 2: what extruder head assembly is your recommendation?

    Question 3: Anything I need to be aware of in planning this out?



    1. This chart gives a good comparison of the various board we offer.

      The main advantage of the X3 Pro is the modular stepper drivers. This is why I would recommend it for your situation. Since you are running such large motors, you will probably want to get some high current motor drivers, with big heat sinks and active cooling. The Azteeg would be the way to go for this.
    2. Our recommended extruder setup is an E3D v6 hot end + either an E3D Titan or Bondtech QR cold end. We prefer to use these in a bowden setup, but they can be used in a direct drive as well.
    3. The only other thing that occurs to me is that that 33V power supply will be useless, since all electronic components for printers are made to take either 12V or 24V. I recommend getting a 24V PSU if you can.

  • I found that my PS can be adjusted down to 29.7 VDC output and the Azteeg website states that the max voltage on the X3 Pro board is 30vdc....My only concern is the amps....will it handle 18A?

  • The X3 Pro has 20 amp fuses on each of the 3 power inputs.

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