Nozzle distance questions and firmware 2.11

  • Hello, I just got this printer over the weekend and not being too successful with printing..

    Two Questions:

    1. When setting the nozzle distance, do you leave the build plate on or off.

    2. After updating the Firmware to 2.11, when I load the filament it stops about halfway in tube one or two. Before, it would take it all the way to the extruder where I would then manually move the filament through the nozzle. Did something change or is there a setting somewhere I need to adjust?

    1. Do it with the build plate on
    2. The newer machines use shorter bowden tubes that do not stretch all the way over the top. To cut your tubes to the right length, disconnect them from the hot end and then then load the filament. Cut the tube where the filament stops.

  • Thanks for your response!

    I was watching their video tutorials and saw that they left the magnetic build plate off when doing the nozzle distance check yet I saw or read somewhere else to leave it on...confusing.

    That would make sense in regards to the tubes. I guess the newer machines get shipped with the latest firmware and have the correct bowden tubes for that version.

    Well back to playing with the printer!

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