Is there a guide to upgrading the Rostock Max v2?

  • It has been suggested that the Rostock Max v2 can be upgraded to work with all the filaments that MatterHackers sells.

    I want to purchase the E3D All-metal v6 HotEnd Kit, the Bondtech QR Extruder, with a stainless steel tip... from my understanding, I will have to setup the printer to no longer use the Bowden tube system. Is there a guide out there that shows what parts are necessary in order to setup the printer corectly?

  • You will not need to sacrifice the bowden tube setup. Both the E3D v6 and the Bondtech extruder are designed to work with bowden tubes.

    We have a guide on installing the E3D v6 hot end on the Rostock MAX. We do not have a guide on installing the Bondtech, but we do sell a mount and the process is fairly straightforward.

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