Software Improvements

  • Allowing the ability:

    To rename files in matter control as well on the matter cloud.

    To move files with a drag and drop system in the matter cloud.

    To run matter control on a Raspberry Pi to just access g-code files, saved on SD or matter cloud.

    Changing the:

    10 MB file size limit, that really hinders the T10 and matter control software. (Hinders the use of your image conversion which is the best I've found, and maximizing the bed use per print as the software freezes, or the T10 will crash and or reboot)

    The support system to use less material and build supports like Simplify3D which use less material and break away easier.

    These things caused me to use matter control only for image conversation and saving files as an STL, then going to Simplify3D to generate a G-Code with supports that don't waste material to save onto an SD, and reopen it from the SD in the printer and use matter control to start the SD print or send to Astroprint on my Astrobox (AstroPi)

  • Thanks for your feedback! Most of your suggestions are either in the works or features we've discussed but haven't taken on yet for one reason or another.

    Regarding the 10 MB size limit: it's not quite as you've described. It's not the limit itself that's hindering the software, but is a symptom of a larger ball of problems that results in the freezing, crashing, and rebooting to which you refer. In any case, it's high on the list of things to fix along with your other suggestions.

    If you have other feedback, please let us know. Thanks for your post!

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