Found a problem.

  • I haven't connected it to a printer as yet, due to some upgrade work, but havelooked through touch to get a feel for it.

    The problem I encounted. When going into Layer View, I am only getting 2d not the 3d, and it tells me it is not responding.

  • @erniehatt said:

    > When going into Layer View, I am only getting 2d not the 3d,

    3D mode in Layer View is a feature available on the desktop versions of MatterControl that has never been available on the MatterControl Touch.

    @erniehatt said:

    > and it tells me it is not responding.

    Is this a separate issue? Do you mean MatterControl is crashing at some point?

  • thanks Ryan,

    that seems to have answered the question, though I can't see why it is there at all, the 2d tells me very little. the not responding was during the loading of the layer view, when it asked me if I wanted to close or wait, I pressed wait and it just carried on working, didn't actually crash.

  • Gotcha. The Touch has a known performance issue relating to the threshold which Android has for detecting slowdowns or unstable activity. Essentially, what Android thinks will crash in MatterControl (hence shows the prompt you saw) isn't actually unstable-- it's a miscalculation. Most of the time hitting 'Wait' will allow the app to continue as normal.

    That said, we're working on some stability upgrades for the next version of MatterControl specifically for the MatterControl Touch. Hopefully this threshold issue will be addressed when the update is released toward the end of the year.

  • Thanks Mate, look forward to it.

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