MatterControl on Ubuntu 16.04

  • Hello.

    I use MatterControl 1,5 on ubuntu 16.04.

    The program works correctly only if I run it with administrator privileges from a terminal.

    If I run a program with a shortcut it can not connect to the printer, can not connect to my account MatterControl and closes when generating gсode.

    How do I make a normal start with a program shortcut?

    Sorry if the translation is not entirely understandable.

  • It sounds like your user does not have permissions to access the serial port. To fix this, all you have to do is run...

    $ gpasswd -a $USER dialout

    Then log out and log back in.

    Here are more tips on using MatterControl on Linux.

  • Thanks, that helped. But I need to add sudo:

    sudo gpasswd -a $USER dialout

    log out and log back in - did not help, it started to work only after a reboot

  • It remains one problem - program is closed when generating gcode new objects or existing after changing.

    When starting from the terminal it works (with admin rights).

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