Port names under Linux

  • I am investigating whether or not I want to use mattercontrol under Linux (Ubuntu 14.04LTS) and have an issue with the port names that are being offered to me when I try to connect. I have two printers connected to the same PC. Depending on what order I turn them on, they can connect to a different port than they had previously. When mattercontrol offers me /dev/ttyACM0 and /dev/ttyACM1 I can't tell which is which. Worst, if mattercontrol tries to auto-connect, it's connecting to the wrong printer.

    To solve this, I am using a feature of the linux udev system to actually assign port names to my printers. It uses the serial number of the arduino, so I know the /dev/rrprism is my prism printer, and /dev/rrcuboid is my cuboid printer - no ambiguity. The problem is that mattercontrol does not consider these port names as valid ports and does not even present them to me. Is there perhaps a configuration file somewhere where I can tell mattercontrol what file name patterns it should use to identify potential printer ports?

  • The same technique you are using is covered in our guide on running MatterControl on Linux. The trick is to make sure that your port names start with /dev/tty. For instance, I use /dev/tty-taz and /dev/tty-kossel. Maybe someday we will get MatterControl to recognize printers by the serial number instead of just the port name.

  • Great - thanks for the info. I will try that out.

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