Noobie question - calibration circle misalignment

  • Hi all,

    So I should admit that I'm a complete noob here. I have a "Vector 3" 3d printer which I have just finished building (magazine, each week comes with more parts). I used the supplied software but couldn't really get on with it and have switched to MatterControl (which is awesome and so easy to use!).

    I have a problem that is quite odd and was hoping for some good advice from the community. Even printing the "calibration circle" demonstrates the problem very well - that is that there is a completely repeatable alignment issue when I print. You will see from the image that the lower left of the circle and the upper right of the circle - the two printed lines diverge - and they do it on every layer. I am thoroughly confused by this and would appreciate any pearls of wisdom that anyone can share on how to troubleshoot the problem.

    Many thanks,

  • Its hard to say, but my guess would be some kind of mechanical issue. Like maybe your belts are not tensioned or one of your pulleys is loose on the motor shaft. Looks like its only affecting one axis.

  • Thanks - I'll take at the belts and pulleys and see if that sheds any light! Appreciate the response!



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