Estimated printing time.

  • Hi, I have been using Simplify3d, and the estimated time for this model is said to be 6hrs. and I have found it to be fairly close.

    On loading the same model file into MatterControl the estimated time given is 15hrs over double that of simplify3d, can anyone tell me why this should be.

  • The estimated printing time in MatterControl can vary based on settings and firmware specifications, especially acceleration. I'm not sure how Simplify3D calculates print time, so I cannot speculate.

    With the same settings, I would think that the two estimates would be fairly close-- over half the time seems a little far. Are the layer heights the same? A layer height that is double in size would take half the time and that would make more sense.

  • thanks Ryan,

    Yes I can see that the layer height makes a difference.

    I notice that Matter Control wants the layer height to be equal or greater then the nozzle diameter Symplify3d does not seem to worry, I realize one should expect a paid for product to be better( not always so).

    As far as I can see the setting are identical, but the discrepancy is the same .

    One thing I did notice that reduced the time was to generate the gcode in symplify3d, and open it in Matter Control, time reduced by 3hrs, but still a lot higher.

    Maybe this is the way to go, or just stick with Symplify3d.

  • The layer height needs to be equal to or less than the nozzle diameter because the nozzle diameter is the limiting factor. A 0.4 mm nozzle is not capable of printing a 0.5 mm layer.

    Ultimately it's up to you which printing software solution you want to use, but keep in mind that estimates will vary and the actual printing time will probably not.

  • Thanks Ryan,

    at the moment the printer is being upgraded, as soon as that is done, I will give them both a try, and see what eventuates, let you know.

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