Infill doesn't work - 0.7 nozzle

  • Hi!

    I'm using SeeMeCNC Rostock Max v2 with mattercontrol 1.5.3.

    l 'm using 0.7 mm nozzle, but on some thin walls (about 2 mm) I can't get the infill, even at the top is hollow. (1 perimeter, 100% infill)

    If I use the Cura profile the walls are filled, but I'd like to use the mattercontrol profile, because I prefer the way it builds supports.

    Is There a workaround?



  • MatterSlice's thin wall support is a work in progress. In the mean time, what you can do is increase your nozzle diameter setting until the perimeters meet in the center, so that no infill is needed. We have actually had a lot of luck with specifying a nozzle diameter slightly larger than the actual size.

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