New to 3D Printing, Need help!

  • Hi im new to the forums and the 3d printing world. I decided to save up some money and build a 3d printer (id rather build one than buy one for the experience). I picked out a few components with links below , but i had some questions that hopefully some of you may be able to anwser for me. With the azteegx3 controller board, is all of the connections from the stepper motors and the extruder, power supply etc etc just plug n go connections? Or do you need to solder each wire to the board? I also figured out i need to buy the 33$ pack of 4 drivers for the board, in order to make them work. I picked out the nema 17 stepper motor- 1,8 for this project. I plan on buying 4 of them, 3 for the movement of the extruder, and the forth being used for "extruding" filament. I was also picking out an extruder and seemed i was caught between two of them. The "E3D Cyclops" and the "E3D Chimera". If anyone can give me more info between these two and which one i should use would be really helpful. I was also wondering if anyone had thoughts or a good idea for a power supply i should use for this. I havent ordered anything yet, or built a frame so i was hoping to get some extra help for the first time project! Thanks in advance.

  • The board itself does not require soldering however you may need to solder the right kind of connectors onto the wires for each of your peripherals (motors, thermistors, endstops, etc.). The Azteeg boards are designed for standard Molex KK 2695 series connectors.

    I recommend getting the E3D Legends Pack, so you can choose between the Cyclops or Chimera as you see fit.

    The easiest power supply to get would be just a standard ATX computer PSU. Shouldn't need more than 400 W.

  • Came to this thread from a support question which was answered by pointing to it.

    Wanted to say thanks! (and if anyone has any suggestions on other things to get from DigiKey while I'm placing this order, I'd be glad of them)

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