PID Autotune and temperature range variation, Ramps 1.4

  • I followed Toms guide on the PID auto tune using the console in MatterControl, and all went ok,

    except when i heat up the head before a print using one of the presets,

    dont matter what temp, the head seems to heat up about 10 degrees above the preset?

    I did notice after re uploading the marlin sketch and opening the EEProm tab under Options

    there was no change recorded in matter control

    I entered the new setting and saved to eeprom.

    that leaves me with not being able to see the bed PID settings in MatterControl

    is it possible it could be added into eeprom Configure window?

  • EEProm settings are set by the firmware. If you can't see bed PID settings then the firmware needs to be changed as MatterControl doesn't control what's shown and what isn't-- it just shows all available settings.

    If you don't see a change in PID settings after re-uploading the sketch then it sounds like the commands you sent last time didn't take for whatever reason. I'm not sure exactly which guide you followed, but if you use the EEProm interface in MatterControl you should be able to save new values.

  • thank you will do it.

  • The end Result is i had to replace both bed and Head Temp sensors to rectify,

    seems the cheapies, from ebay have a definitively short life....the printer probably only printed a hundred hours or so 😄

  • @3rdzeropoint That makes sense! Thanks for sharing the solution.

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