Matter Control Touch -- The Future Of 3D Printing

  • A few weeks back I ordered a Robo with MC-Touch (sounds like a pedophile rap-star doesn't it?!). They sent the MC-Touch on ahead of the Robo box... so I unpacked it and hooked it up to my most troublesome machine -- my CTC. Within an hour I had every problem I ever had with that hunk of junk under control. That easy. I tried it on my HICTOP Prussia -- great steaming bowls of mac-and-cheese what an improvement over Rep-G. When the ROBO arrived I reluctantly hooked it up to that machine. Wow. Aside from a minor mechanical glitch the ROBO took off right out of box.

    I am a big believer in MC-Touch at this point, however I found the following shortcomings that need to be address. Perhaps in a Touch II or Touch Advanced format.

    1) First of all the tablet is prone to overheating and stalling. 99% of my glitches happen when the tablet gets very warm to the touch. Provision needs to be made to cool the tablet better.

    2) Connections: Lets look at where all the wires connect and devise a way to spread them out so they give us better mounting flexibility.

    3) Larger screen: Put the program on a much larger easier to use tablet. It can be challenging typing on this thing! I don't see any provision to hook up a Bluetooth keyboard, though I haven't really poked behind the Matter Control shell very much. I went into Settings to change my security options that was it.

    4) EMI Shielding: The remaining glitches come from transients in the power-line and EMI in my shop. The simple act of turning on the box-fan under the work-station stalled the tablet. As did firing up my mill across the room. Either the power-supply is passing transients through to the tablet, or the boards themselves are picking up EM spikes. Regardless, this needs to be fixed.

    5) General Improvements: Clean up the UI a bit, make the buttons more responsive, and allow me to customize my experience (sounds, colors, layouts) and we'll be perfect. There are a few other improvements I'd like in the software, but I'll wait until I have more experience with the package before I detail them.

    When it is all said and done, we're almost there -- it's almost perfect. Address these concerns and you'll blow all other control schemes out of the water. Will be buying a second unit as budget allows.

  • Also a believer in the device. I have been using MC Touch with my SeeMeCNC Orion for about a year now. The device is always improving with updates. I have not had any overheating or shielding issues. I saw there was a CES announcement for a larger screen, that should improve the UI.

    So far, worth the investment. I have started using Cloud Library alot to send print jobs directly to the machine. The touch is headed in the right direction for the future of 3D Printing for sure.

  • MatterHackers

    Thanks for the feedback guys - always trying to create a better printing experience. We think MatterControl Touch is a big step in that process. I will take your feedback to the R&D guys.


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