Auto leveling configuration for headless printers.

  • can someone help me find where the auto leveling numbers are stored in the Mattercontrol appdata. I have configured my printer tethered so it can run auto level and then copied the appdata folder over to my host machine. I am running on a pi through astroprint and want to tweak my auto level numbers with out having to connect my machine again. Is there a way to tweak the offset numbers directly in the folder.

    Or as another option, would it be possible to enable auto leveling edits while the machine is not connected. That would be easier. Any thought Mattercontrol team??

  • The leveling data is stored in MatterControl.db, which is an SQLite database. You can edit it using a tool like SQLite Manager. Its in the Printer table, in the PrintLevelingJsonData column. In the next version of MatterControl (1.6) all settings will be moved to separate .json files, so these things will be much easier to edit.

    I think you raise a good point. There's no reason you shouldn't be able to change the leveling numbers while the printer is disconnected. I'll see if we can enable that.

  • Thanks for the follow up. Excuse my DB ignorance but I am completely lost as to how to open the mattercontrol.db in mozzilla? Any help would be appreciated.

  • Install the plugin, then press ALT to bring up the menu bar (which is hidden these days). Go to Tools > SQLite Manager.

  • Worked perfectly. Thanks a lot. Kind of silly that they hide it up there and you have to deploy it from the menu and not an option to do so in the extensions tab.

    While Ive got you I have to ask, does Matterhackers ever plan on sharing the auto level function as a stand alone product to implement in other slicers. I love mattercontrol but sometimes kisslicer builds a better code path. Thoughts?

  • There's no plans for any standalone tool, however you can always bring your gcode from another slicer into MatterControl, then export it again. When you export, there is a check box for "Apply leveling to gcode during export".

  • WWWHHHHHATATATATATATAT. That just made my day!!!!!!!

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