What is the perfect distance in mm between nozzle and printer bed or nozzle and printed object?

  • If I could measure/calibrate the nozzle-object distance with an accuracy of 0.01 mm, what distance would I shoot for? 0.10 mm (paper thickness)?

  • For calibration, the thickness of a sheet of paper is usually the best distance from the nozzle to the bed. Standard procedure is to use a piece of paper while setting the Z height using the LCD controls. Lower the nozzle slowly (0.01 mm at a time) and slide the paper underneath. When the paper no longer slides freely but is still able to move without binding, set the Z height to zero.

  • Thanks Ryan

  • MatterHackers

    Hey guys,

    I wanted to just add a little clarity from the engines perspective. Ryan has described the correct way to calibrate the printer, and even a little pressure on the paper can result in printer being at a true zero. But to be clear, if you could calibrate the printer perfectly, zero is zero. Just exactly touching the bed with no pressure at all.

    Where is zero on a perfectly calibrated printer?

    • The nozzle just exactly touching the bed
    • No pressure down, no gab between them.

    The print leveling actually subtracts out the paper width to try and get this exact calibration.

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