Update 1.5.2 now damages Lulzbot Mini

  • After the recent update, I have a problem where, during automatic bed calibration before each print, the printhead will lower too far for both the head clean and each of the 4 corner calibration. The metal circles on the Lulzbot should stop the lowering, but they no longer do. It pushes down so hard i feel like it will snap the build plate and burn out my servos!

    Several restarts, several reboots, several reconnects - all manually restarting the spooler so the filament feeds, and maybe - one out of 12 to 15 tries will get the print to calibrate at the correct height. I can't crack the code of what works to make this happen. Right now my Mattercontrol Touch tablet is useless and dangerous to use. This is the second time an unnessasary update has bricked my Touch Tablet. Please repair whatever you did this time, or tell me how to roll back my Touch to an earlier firmware!

  • Sorry to hear about the trouble! Please email support@matterhackers.com and we'll do our best to get you back to a working state.

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