How to add multiple objects

  • I'm sure it is easy but I can't figure out how to add multiple objects to my buildplate within MatterControl Touch. I know the workaround is to add multiple objects in Cura, Save it and then load that file into my library. But I'm trying to eliminate the need to use Cura. Can anyone be of any help? In other words ... I want to be able to print multiple objects at the same time instead of printing one at a time.

  • Currently MatterControl supports only adding in multiple objects from file, not from within MatterControl itself. To do this, you would:

    1. Save a file to the Android file system. This can be done by downloading a file from the browser, importing from SD card, etc.
    2. Select the first model in the QUEUE and view it in the PREVIEW pane.
    3. Click the 'Insert' button at the bottom left of the 3D VIEW pane.
    4. Choose the file from the file system and click 'Open'.

    The model will be added to the 3D VIEW and can be moved, edited, etc.

    We're working on adding models from within MatterControl (i.e. QUEUE or LIBRARY); hopefully this functionality will be available in the next version or two.

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