Questions on retraction and z lift

  • I'm quite confused about some issues I'm having, I've turned my speed on non print moves way down and have never had signs of missing steps. I'm not sure it's a software problem, but I've fought this a long while now. Machine is a rostock max v2 and using mattercontrol

    I often have the nozzle drag across parts. In the beginning it was largely due to loose parts, but I seem to have those issue mostly under control. I have changed the Z lift value and it seems it only does anything during a retraction. When jumping between parts or across parts it drags. Often it only leaves a small line, attached is a picture of a part that it ruins. I confirm the nozzle crosses the part at the layer height in gcode. Makes a bad noise on this part.

    Next is the Hollow calibration pyramid is globs up really bad on 2 the pillars at 10:30 and 4:30 (positions on an old analog clock, probably have to drop this terminology soon, lol) the other 2 moves it retracts the filament when moving to the 2:30 and 7:30 pillars.

    So is the nozzle not supposed to lift in rapid moves? Or only during retraction? And why does it ignore the minimum length of move to retract. Am I asking to much of a printer?


  • Well the upload image box seems to allow me to select a file then it sits for a while and dissappeares, I give up on the picture.

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