optimized mattercontrol touch-how to(root, de-bloat, optimize)

  • So Ive had the MCT for a year and just now have been able to test is capabilities. Unfortunately its a lil under powered for what its used for, so I used my experience with android to optimize it. I hope to get deeper into the OS for mods but have not unlocked the bootloader yet. Soon though.


    Unlocking developer optIons will help trim down other things that are running when using MatterControl. This device is quad core but runs like a dual, it has 1 gig of ram but with excess apps and process youre left with 200-300 mb of ram. This causes the device to reboot randomly when moving models, utlizing semi-large files. So, go to setting>about device, then tap the FIRMWARE field 10 or so times. It was tell you when you have unlocked developer setting.

    On the left panel of settings, scroll to the bottom to developer settings. Here look for animations, then turn them off, then scroll to the bottom to click "do not keep activites", then below that "limit background processes" to 0 no back processes.

    This will make multi-talking impossible now, only the app on screen will run aside from system needed services. This frees up everthing possible for MatterControl. Unfortunately, the "limit background processes" option does not stick when you power off the device. You will have to manually set it to 0 each time you power on the MCT.

    This step alone frees up 300 or so mb of ram. I noticed a huge increase in response time when loading model for print/preview. Manipulating the model on the plane was smoother as well but any long adjustments at a quick speed caused a device reboot. Still alot better then before. lol.

    If you want to keep it simple, you can stop here. You can go a few steps further and remove the actual apps the cause system lag/reboot.

    -----Being Updated------- I advise for now to stick to the above option change until I work out a random reboot issue with OS/kernel mods


    First thing I did was download the KINGROOT apk and rooted the tablet. It took two tries but gained full root access. This access will be used to remove auto-start app and de-bloat the OS.

  • Thanks @jataadriod for the hints, seems logical. I will try these and report back.

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