NylonX vs NylonG What are the trade offs ???

  • So far the price & sales information are the same. Any details of why there needs to be two types?
    Does one have less or more electrical resistance.
    By the way, does the aluminum color filament have low ohmic resistance?

  • MatterHackers

    Hey @TomLuque

    The two materials are nearly the same except for the filled material being Carbon Fiber and Glass. The guide on the NylonG pages are a good reference when comparing the three major Nylons we carry. I would say that for the most part neither of the materials is particularly conductive as they are not made to be conductive.

    The Silver NylonG is not going to be any more conductive than the other materials in the lineup. The filler used to color the silver is not going to carry any conductive properties.

    Sorry for being the downer on this one but these materials are made to be more impact resistance and have a higher tensile strength as noted by the included guide.0_1542740636556_2018-11-20_10-57-44.jpg


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