Need help with Anet A8 print centering

  • I'm running an Anet A8 flashed with the latest build of Marlin. Bed size is 220X220.

    I have MatterControl set to bed size of 220x220, with a print center at 110X110.
    My issue here is that it refuses to print anything centered. My model is centered on the right hand side of the screen and looks like it should. When Printing, I'm off in the land of OZ.
    I opened up the GCode terminal and hit this "G1 X0 Y0" which put me at the bottom left corner of my bed. when I run this "G1 X220 Y220" I get top right corner. When I run "G1 X110 Y110" it goes dead center.

    What has me confused is that I print a basic cross hair design at 200X200 and the center of cross hairs are printing at X80 instead of X110.

    I'm sure there is something I have missed, but would love some help here. Since searching has yielded me nothing. I've uploaded a screen shot.
    ![0_1540852790928_MC.jpg](Uploading 100%)

  • MatterHackers

    I'm not sure what is happening with the print, your screenshot did not get uploaded. You actually need to upload it to another service and then reference it here.

    I recommend updating to the latest build of MatterControl. It does a much better job of visualizing where you print will be and letting you move things around the way you expect.

  • Hi i just had to sign up to reply to your post. Not a anet but i'm having the dead same problem with my Tronxy P802MA which i beleive is similar and runs the Marlin firmware?
    I have no idea what's happened to change things but one print was dead centre as per usual but the next print went off down the rear left corner. I'm a beginner at this game and only have a very vague idea of how to solve the issue but i don't want to risk making a mess of any other settings.

  • I have a BIBO2 touch 3D printer giving me the same results and I have looked all over the matter-hacker site and can not find the "print at center of bed" button.
    It looks like they removed this feature.
    Please advise.

    Please do not make me go back to Simply3D

  • MatterHackers

    Hey @IDES

    There are a few reasons for the print shifting on the build plate but only maybe one or two of those options is going to be because of the software. Lets say that the print is loaded up into Mattercontrol, the part will materialize in the center of the plate based off of its designed origin. This is to say that the CAD model is designed based off of a singular center point of the space and depending on the CAD software this will be either in the center of the object or at an edge.

    If the print is visually in the center of the build space and the print moves on the printer, that would direct me to look into the hardware as that is the most likely issue.

    Let me know which way you are seeing it go and I will see what I can trouble shoot!

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