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  • Connected to an Ultimaker 2 Extended+ . The printer gets a few hours into the print and then stops with the heat on and a message on the Touch about what USB action to take when it is plugged in. Has done it three times. I have yet to get a good print with the Touch. I printed three good prints with the PC version. Did I waste my money? Any ideas how to fix this?

  • Do you have another printer to test it on to see if you have the same issue happen? I have been troubleshooting a problem similar to that for a while now and so far i haven't found any rhyme of reason why it happens. I have 3 delta printers all using ramps 1.4 with the same marlin firmware and one of them does it the other two dont.

  • I have brand new Ultimaker 2 Extended plus. It just happened with my PC which is about 1 out of 6 prints. The Touch messes up every time.

  • the T10 still is pot luck whether it will make it through a print or not. Is anyone else able to repeatedly complete multi hour prints without the T10 errors? It will just stop in the middle of a print just like it thinks it is done. It is intermittent. My guess is that it has something to do with the USB. One time it was sitting at a screen wanting to install a software update. Again I have wasted a lot of filament (see my post on the 3mm PLA pro filaments).

  • Q: is it not something to do with power save options ?

  • Might be. Do you have any suggestions of things to try? Tech support doesn't seem to.

  • Can you Move/export to sd card on the printer and isolate it from pc/tab

    Maybe check all power save and sleep/ screen saver settings are off

  • I apologize that no one from MatterHackers replied to this until now. Default settings for the tablet are set to eliminate any sleep mode or anything else that would cause the tablet to lose connection, so it's probably not that.

    @Dissolutionskey How big are the files you're trying to print? MatterControl has trouble with larger files (>10 MB), and this often causes problems like the ones mentioned above.

    @mobilemax Same questions as ^. Also, sometimes corrupt data can cause issues relating to updates. You can try clearing the app's data to see if that fixes that particular problem: FAQ: How do I clear the application data? Keep in mind that clearing the data will clear any custom presets or other changes you've made to profiles or settings, so make a backup of your files if you want to use them again: Options... menu: Export

  • This is on the T10 not a PC.

  • I have also had similar issues of failed print jobs using the T10. I quickly figured out it doesn't like large files.

    Keeping the file smaller than 10MB seems to have solved the issue for me. I've also had some trouble with long filenames so I shorten names and remove all spaces and special characters.

  • What @rigmarol said. If files are too big (and you have a computer on which to do it), you can decimate the model using Meshlab. Here's a link to the tutorial I use:

    In addition, failed prints when connected to the T10 tablet (or any device using a serial connection) can occur for several reasons, and we're constantly working to make the T10 a better product through software updates. Some things only end users have control over, which I'll outline here:

    1. Communication issues seem to be the most common reason for disconnection. These can be (and often are) caused by electromagnetic interference (EMI) so using a shorter USB cable with a ferrite loop can ensure the signals are not disrupted as they travel to and from the printer from the controller.

    2. Spikes in electricity voltage can reset printer boards, so ensuring that the electrical circuit your printer and controller are plugged in to is protected by a surge protector/battery backup is a smart move and can eliminate much frustration and uncertainty about the cause of elusive problems.

  • I just started attempting to print with my new T10 today with my LulzBot Taz 6. 4 times I have attempted to print the MatterControl tablet stand and mid print it just stops. No error message, no log on the tablet just the object that hasn't yet exceeded 1/2" of height. The extruder is still right down to the object, stationary. Any ideas would be really helpful!

  • @wpsdlulz, does MatterControl still show that it is connected to the printer at that point? Can you move the printer manually through the motion controls? If you could post a print log from a failed print, it might shed some light on what is going on.

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