Flashforge and Robo R1 issues.

  • Ok, I tend to ramble so I shall try to be succinct. I have two issues.

    Problem One: I have been using my Flashforge Creator Pro for some time with no issues, produced many objects using the provided software and downloaded files from Yeggi and my own ones built in 3DS Max. I have taken a couple of months off because of School/Work demands, a couple of days ago I created a .3xg file, loaded onto an SD card and set something printing. The bed did not heat up. I manually warmed the bed up to temp with the internal controls - no issue, nice and hot. I tried the file again and the heat just dropped. I tested an old file set up before Christmas and the bed heats and everything works as it should. So...

    Apparently some software "glitch" or update or something happened so that newly created .3xg files are not properly activating the heated bed. I am not doing anything differently than I have for several dozen prints for over a year now, does anybody have any clue what has happened and how to fix it?

    Problem Two: I purchased a used Robo R1. it prints the calibration rings, boxes and things okay, but whenever I try to print anything else it freaks out and does not raise beyond the first layer, it just mashes the 2nd, 3rd, 4th into the first. any ideas? I had a Skype meeting with an official R1 tech and it did not help.

    Please bear in mind with your answers that I am a "crafty" guy, an artist and I am comfortable stripping 3d printers apart and rebuilding them, but I am strictly a user so when it comes to programming I am a monkey - monkey push the button. So if you can, please keep software/program related solutions to single syllable words, diagrams are good.

    Thanks in advance,


  • For the Flashforge issue, could you post your slice settings and your old/new X3G files for comparison? In fact, if you could export a gcode file and post that too it would probably be helpful.

    As for the Robo, could you tell me a little more about how it freaks out? It sounds like maybe some issue with your Z axis stepper motors. Does it move up and down all right when you use the manual controls?

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