New Drivers

  • Hi,

    two of the drivers have given up working, And I have a couple of DRV8825's on order, I have read on line that some have problems getting them to work, and others none at all.

    Can anyone lead me in the right direction for installing these. Printer i3. Thanks in advance.

  • What specific problems are you talking about? What board are you installing them into?

    After installation, it would be a good idea to tune the motor current.

  • Thanks.

    after some searching I found some people had problems were the driver boards would not function on the extruder.

    There was some high pitched whistles from the motors., and generally more noise than the 4988 drivers.

    I would be using them with the Ramps 1.4.

    Any specific changes I would need to make in Marlin.

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