Noob ABS question

  • Hello guys .

    So Ive been fighting this ABS material for about a week now , Just when I think I have it figured out BOOM something else gets me !

    SO Im using a Lulzbot Taz6 printer ,, Matterhacker 2.85mm ABS not the pro series btw..

    I was having heat issues with the bed seeming to melt the bottom as it printed ,, after much aggravation I noticed my infill was very dense causing the heat to build up very severely and deforming the project ..

    I reduced the infll down to %20 from %65 , My problem now is Im using 2 outer perimeter wall layers about .19 or so thick everywhere my infil makes contact to my perimeter layers it is causing it to deform from heat ,, also I randomly have globs and bubbed up material causing rough areas the nozzle is actually bumping over , My nozzle is down to 220c and I don't think I should go much lower everything recommended points to 230c +or- 10c

    Would adding more perimeter passes help ??

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