Prusa MK3 printing issues

  • I am relatively new to 3D printing and I have only printed some test prints with PLA. I have since had to change the Z-axis belt due to wear and tear and I have noticed some seriously terrible aligment issues when printing. If you look at the images you can see how the object should naturally be square with a cylindrical void in the middle. Obviously its way off printing square but the first layer infill is trying to print beyond the confines of this boundary by printing over this perimeter. What on earth is happening? My prints have never been this bad, I am learning about pillowing and layer separation issues but I imagine that can all be resolved by the correct settings. This problem though is way beyond my comprehension. Please let me know your thoughts....
    P.S. If you look at the image of the LCD display in the bottom right it displays '02:46R', I thought this was the duration of the print but I am beginning to think otherwise.![0_1538091761368_BD0B7AA8-1246-4194-8C0A-867CAF4D47B7.jpeg](Uploading 100%) 0_1538091909437_3D print.jpeg 0_1538091918454_LCD display.jpeg

  • @sculptit also for the record, I have previously printed this part with complete success. I am just using up the fillament to understand its use better (correcting pillowing and delamination etc.)

  • "I am relatively new to 3D printing and I have only printed some test prints with PLA. I have since had to change the Z-axis belt due to wear and tear"

    Why did you have to change the belt already, if you are "relatively new".

    I would say you have more than one problem. Is the tension correct on ALL of you belts? The Z axis appears to need calibration (nozzle too far away from print bed).

    The 02:46R refers to the print time Remaining. Are you using slic3r Prusa edition for your slicer? I would suggest using PrusaControl to start out , it works very well for me. I'm fairly new, also.

  • @r0natmatter Regardless of the belt tension, it always seems to slide up against the idler and the 'back and to' motion has been wearing it away. I obviously replaced this and did my best to re-fit the idler but the same problem is still persisting with the belt riding up against the idler. I have been searching for a toothed version as I think this will keep it more aligned.

    In all honesty, PrusaControl is all I have been using and this last attempt I just decided to see what the Slic3r was about. Same result in both instances.

    I have ran calibration tests and all have been 'green lighted'.

    I guess I will just play around with it in order to figure out a solution as people like rob232 just post useless comments that serve no purpose. Let's hope he doesn't get stuck on anything in life ehh...

  • @sculptit
    Have you had any luck getting it to print? I don't understand about the belt, the belts from Prusa are "teethed" Prusa Parts . You would probably have better results at Prusa Forums. These forums leave a lot to be desired, mostly SPAM Great filaments, but, forums - Not so much. Not to mention they don't support Prusa printers!

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