Linux: File opening dialog shows last access date instead of last modify date

  • Already in MC 1.4 I noticed that the detailed file opening dialog in the Linux version, when adding or inserting STL files, would not show the date of the last file modification, but instead the date of the last file access - which of course is pretty useless... I had hoped that this would be corrected in version 1.5, but, alas, it is still there. Is there any way I can change this myself in some configuration? Or else, any chance it could be changed in the next update? Thanks!

  • Good news. We are working on ripping out those ugly old WinForms dialogs entirely and replacing them with your system's standard GTK based dialogs. This should take care of a lot of issues, including the one you are seeing.

  • Thanks! So I am looking forward to some upcoming release... 🙂

  • @unlimitedbacon

    Can't wait to see this too ^^ Keep up the good work guys !

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