TAZ Aerostruder vs it-works E3D Titan Aero toolhead

  • Subject says it all I have the dual Struder, I have the V3 I was going to order a flexy for my Taz 6 but I came across the Aerostruder and with some more looking I found the IT-works E3D Titan Aero

    Not sure which one to get as I can't find any real reviews of the IT-works and don't know anyone with the Aerostruder, on the surface it looks like the IT-works has more features but I have never event heard of IT-works, Lulzbot knows the Taz 6 and has a lot more development going for it. anyone that has one of these items want to give me some honest input before I order

    Prints Solid and flexible
    Titan Aero Hot end
    Auto Level

    [b]it-works E3D Titan Aero [/b]
    Prints Solid and flexible
    Auto Leveling
    2.85mmmm and 1.75mm size
    Real E3d V6
    .4 Nozzle
    Upgrades for Hardened Hob, Microswiss Heat break or even titaninum heat break

  • Hi...in my case the adjustment screw for tension is overly difficult to adjust, and from the factory set very tightly. On the flip side you can sortve see where the filament is going if youre having trouble loading it. It doesnt seem to feed 1.75mm as well as the original extruder does, after a couple attempts just to see (since I had files sliced already) i gave up and sliced again. The fan mount is a bit better placed so you can still see the nozzle and get to it to clean it easier. I was disappointed that for the price it did not come with a silicone sock already on it.

    assembly and pcb

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